Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July parade in Arnegarde, North Dakota; The Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence; Fort Buford; Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site; Fort Peck Dinosaur Bones

My T@B was invited to be in the parade for the 4th with the energetic/creative WIN RV group. We had a fine time--more photos on this later.

The Corps of Discovery first saw confluence of these two great rivers April 5,1805. Lewis wrote, "I ascended the hills from whence I had a most pleasing view of the country...The whole face of the country was covered with herds of buffalo,elk, and antelopes...so gentle that we pass near them while feeding without appearing to excite any alarm among them." That was what I experienced driving into the Roosevelt
campground--lots of bison who took no notice of me!

The historian in my photo at Fort Union explained how it was the "Walmart" of the west, owned by businessman John Jacob Astor who made a fortune knowing how to do business with the indian tribes. I was served hot coffee from a pail over the fire (very tasty) and looked over the trade goods in his shop; one item was a fancy officer jacket which cost 18 buffalo robes!

On down Hwy. across Montana, I stopped at the Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Center where fabulous dinosaur skeletons were reconstructed. I am in the Havre Library as I write this on a rainy day. Thank you for your comments & keeping in touch on my travels. Credit to Diana Tolerico for her photo of me on the hike.

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